6/10 Kasım 2019 Water Specific Therapy Module 2

This course builds on the Halliwick 10 Points and their clinical applications, as have been taught in module1. Module 2 will include more specifically the WST techniques that are applied usually in (adult) patient with neuromusculoskeletal problems. Topics in module 2 will be:

Advanced fluid mechanical principles of WST

Following complete EBP (evidence based practice) procedures

Handle people in water therapeutically

Use the appropriate rules of motor learning and tissue training in water to design a treatment program 

Design those treatments programs specifically for neurologic, orthopedic and rheumatic patients

Include ideas for brain health/neuroprotection and environmental enrichment with elements of high-dose exergaming

Use basic clinimetrics and use balance assessment on land

6/10 Kasım 2019 Water Specific Therapy Module 2